Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R

Individual Coaching

‘‘Less is more’’ – You save time:

The systematic Fabsales® methods are easy to learn and to apply in real life practical situations.

With Individual Coaching…

  • Key Account Plan template in the context of the Fabsales® method
  • Can train individual employees during the implementation of the new method and assist through the use of real customer dialogues and the application of Fabsales®
  • Specific subjects can be covered in more depth post seminars and skills and talents of individuals further explored and developed.
  • Sales managers can be supported on the road of transitioning from a classic sales approach to a systematic sales method.


 Interested? For a first free consultation, please contact via email: or via phone: 0043 (0) 664 237 555 9.