Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R

Business Customers

The sales seminars 2-3 days for business customers:

1/3 Systematic theory and the translation into actual sales practice

1/3 Translation of the systematic theory into actual real life business scenarios

1/3 Practical examples of how Fabsales can be used with your specific cases

+ individual Elevator Pitch

+ Plan Letter

Seminar Content

System Theory and systematic sales

  • We clarify the terms, the contents and methods of the social systematic theory.
  • We create a basis to build on with the insights gained from every seminar participant.
  • We transfer the insights we have gained, into research based theory and apply it then to the actual sales world and use many examples and excerices to do so.
  • We then build a framework in order you can transfer existing sales knowledge into a systematic sales method.

Fabsales in practice

  • We then personalise the Part 1 of the seminar into sales material specific to YOUR world – your industry, your product, your company – Tailor-made to your reality.
  • We practice in a workshop setting systematic methods in your companies setting.
  • At the end of this part of the seminar the sales team are given a ‘sales tool kit’ which they will use in the third part of the seminar. This special ‘tool box’ can be used after the seminar to assist in the day to day situations that the sales team will face.

Pracitical examples from the sales world.

  • We work with role play and practical examples based on your individual business setting. The employees will work through these cases using material from their day to day business.
  • We will go through complete case studies and play them out to the end where the case will be presented.
  • All the case studies will then be rated in small groups and ‘lessons learned’ identified.
  • Preparation for the presentation (Help from the tool kit)

Summary and wrap up

  • 3 examples and insights per employee – chosen individually – 3 key take aways that all the team go on to use in their day to day business.