Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R

Our Foundations

Sales methods of this kind have never been seen before.

The 21st Century revolution in the sales world.

Sales models and methods to date, have been based on knowledge gathered over the last two hundred years. These sales methods however are no longer relevant to todays needs. In the last 30 years dramatic changes have taken place, in both the international market as well with the potential customers.

sales network

  • We live in a global society
  • New technology and technical advancements (Internet etc) influences our daily lifes
  • Because of the quick availability of product and supplier information the customer has evolved into a buying expert.
  • The buying behaviour of potential customers has changed dramatically. The speed of these developments is growing at a much faster pace than years ago.
  • Modern brain research has made new discoveries concerning human thought and behaviour processes. It shows that every person has a complex inner-life and thought life. A complex way of how humans view external things. It has been proven that with this complex internal system, external factors do not influence the decision making process but rather inner influences.


How can you ensure sales success with more precision and sustainable results over time, from the whole sales team?

research sales

The answer is simple: Through the implementation of a RESEARCH based sales method. A basis for sales that is driven by studies and research, with proven results. Not founded on a ‘gut feeling’ approach and sales activities  driven by individual ‘past experience.’

  • A research based method is focused on reducing and eliminating the element of risk and coincidences in sales processes. It is based on fact and proven knowledge instead of other sales methods that are not consistent.
  • A further important argument for a research based approach is the constant changes in the buying behaviour of customers and markets. Because the changes are growing at an ever increasing pace in an internet influenced age, the sales world need to keep up with these developments.
  • The ever evolving research based theory means that with a systematic sales approach you can always remain current and keep up to speed with changes and developments in both the economy and in society.
  • This is exactly the reason why Fabsales has been developed because the knowledge gained in the 60’s and 70’ is no longer relevant for today’s customer and markets.

Our method combines research with practical experience

Fabsales is based on 40 years sales experience: In the B2B field and developed from the observation of over 40.000 sales and customer orientated situations, as well as the study and management of over 800 sales professionals. Direct experience with sales – This practical knowledge has been interwoven in a pragmatic and ‘easy to apply’ way with the Fabsales method.

Fabsales is based on the other hand on Research: The source of the sales method, is Luhmann’s social systems theory which we have applied to meet the requirements of 21st century sales.

The transformation from an average sales team to a top sales force

Though the translation of research based knowledge into actual, real life sales situations teams are transformed. The implementation of Fabsales means that not only the ‘charismatic few’ in your team will show signs of success but average or below average performers will see a dramatic change in their ability to sell. Fabsales results in teams closing many more deals and bringing in revenue.

Therefore: The COMBINATION of research and practical sales experience is what makes the NEW sales method so effective.