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Our 7 Core Elements

The Unique element to our sales seminars is that with the new Fabsales method the sales team are actually grasping the importance of asking the customers what  their invested personal benefit and profit would be.

Fabsales is fully based on scientific research and proven methods that have been specifically adapted for sales. The findings have been consolidated into the Fabsales method, which makes it easy for all salespersons to learn and follow.

This new insight is like a inner transformation that takes place within the salesperson, meaning that their new knowledge and insight can be applied on their own in any sales situation.

Other complex sales seminars for example ‘solution sales’ offer salespersons only specific outcomes with the focus on ‘This is how it is done.’ We offer insight that comes from within the salesperson that enables them to be independant and therefore ‘To do it themselves.’

Through the new sales methods we offer the sales team tools that guarantee sustainable results in the most complex of sales situations. We offer a diverse toolbox wth a sales thread, systematic question, shortcuts etc.


The sales team will use Fabsales for years to come!

The sales team understand and internalise for the first time the background behind why it is so vital to question the customer. In our seminars we demonstrate why it is so important to unearth the customers personal invested interest and benefit. We strengthen this new knowledge with many concrete  practical exercises  so that the sales team can internalise these basics which will be automatically activated in any sales situation.

“A mind switch to a new sales approach for the 21st century.”

sales seminar icon‘Systemic Sales’: The combination of research and experience.

Coincidences do not exist! The scientific based research cuts out the element of unpredictability in the performance of the sales team. Through the combination of research with practical experience, a transformation in the mindset of the sales team takes place, resulting in deals being quickly closed and long term comebacks from a successful sale.

“An average salesman is reshaped into an outstanding sales performer.”

Personalization: The seminars will bear your own companies’ hallmarks.

sales seminar iconStrong identification of employees. Through our specific adaptation to your market, your employees and customers will embrace the process of change easily and apply our method in the future. We bring hidden talents of employees to light and individuals’ strengths are identified helped to discover their own road to success which in turn makes the whole team more productive.

“The transformation into ‘buying companions.”

Unique – Distinctive questioning techniques and a systemic sales method is used to discover the customer’s hidden needs and requirements.

sales seminar iconThrough genuine dialogue and questioning of the customer, using our method, sales employees discover the actual needs of their customers instead of assumed needs. In the process, the customer identifies (accompanied by your sales employee), on a personal level, with their own purchase. A very strong position for customers to make a purchase. The customer feels in control of the buying situation, because they have identified their own need for the product themselves. Instead of the usual sales methods of customers ‘being told’ what they require, it leads the customer to a self-driven sale.

The potential to sell more products and services with this method, as well as a sustainable relationship to the customer, increases dramatically. This way the most complicated and demanding customers are transformed, into willing and satisfied customers looking forward to coming back and buying again.

Research + Experience = Trust

Sales SeminarThrough this new combination you will see a dramatic increase in turnover and sustainable results. Our sales method is proved, tested and works.

“Instant success.”

Speed: The new sales method gains you valuable time.

sales seminar iconLearn today, start tomorrow! The simplicity of our method, with it’s effortless communication, enables your sales staff to gain a successful outcome in only 2-3 days!

Additionally, team activities based on our framework, provide sustainable long term success for your sales department.

“Real expertise as a basis for success.”

Expert knowledge: 30 years of sales expertise, more than 40.000 sales situations and observation of over 800 sales professionals.

Our sales knowledge in complex B2B and B2C business, spanning over many decades, will be the foundation for your sales success – We are speaking your language and living in your world!