Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R Vertriebseminar Fabian AI.R


General Motivation is an elite trainer of systematic sales.

Our focus is, in in a very short period of time, to turn 90% of your sales people, who you would consider average to underachievers to the TOP 10%, of high performers.

With the NEW sales method Fabsales we help switch the mindset and the methods of the sales team. We achieve this in a 2-3 day seminar.

The Origins of Fabsales

Guenter Fischer comes from a sales background and of course he ‘had the pleasure’ to attend endless sales trainings and seminars. Some work good, some not so good. But what do we take away? Most takeaways are applied for a few weeks but gradually we return to our old sales habits that we used before the seminars.

Through a few opportune situations, he came in contact with different people coming from a social science background and he had the privilege to learn a great deal from them.

Primarily, Guenter Fischer gained understanding on key elements that are essential for sales. He saw tangible improvements and results in his own sales life. Also he felt at great ease with the new insights because he fully understood and internalised the information. The big pull for him was the new perspective focused on a research based approach. Only when one really understands the reason why, can you find the true motivation to act. One knows deep down (internally) what and how to do it instead of being reliant on external instructions.

He went on to train as a systematic coach in order to bring his sales experience and the new scientific research based knowledge to then create Fabsales.