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Günter Fischer

Günter Fischer

Guenter Fischer leads the development and implements a new sales approach for General Motivation. He is an entrepreneur with 13 years experience in IT, sales and financial services.
Guenter Fischer founded General Motivation, the leading provider of systemic sales seminars in Europe.

Guenter studied part-time at the University FH BFI Vienna, international banking and finance.

Business Consultant & Trainer

After a couple of years sales experience he moved from Vienna to learn from the ‘creme de la creme’ in London, the absolute Mecca for sales. The long-term stay at the hotspot, shaped his sales style and still influences him today. He also saw how the best sales people sold, but moreover how they sometimes struggled to be consistent with their results.

Back in Vienna, Guenter was preoccupied with this mystery, of this inconsistency and was sure there was a way to further improve his own skills and the performance of his team. He came across the latest research focusing on social science which absolutely fascinated him. It confirmed exactly what he had personally experienced. He had seen in the best cities of the world that despite the excellence of the sales people there was a ‘blind spot’, which often prevented them from hitting their targets, consistently every time.

He applied the new research based perspectives to his own sales method. He saw an instant change and a sales success. He introduced the method to his team and saw consistency of results regardless of the usual distractions like his or her physical and mental state on the day, instinct or intuition. Guenter Fischer saw varying personalities from under- to over-achievers, using the method and saw vast improvements in their performance. The training period was short, yet the results were undeniable. This convinced Guenter this method was something that the sales world needed to have.

The new method is the answer to a lot of questions – and will benefit countless sales colleagues all around the world.

About New York and London

New York City, as well as London, are two fascinating cities Both cities are a synonymous for success and being open minded for new ideas. New York/ London are colourful cities, pulsating with life and new opportunities. The mind is awake and the ideas are growing like Skyscrapers. The energy of this two cities are incomparable. That’s why he chose New York/ London on the homepage as a visual center piece.

Guenter Fischer is a professional ‘sparring partner’

In extremely challenging situations – Guenter Fischer is Inquisitive, and empathetic. Guenter Fischer’s target is only achieved, when he see a transformation in the sales thinking of the participants in his seminars. Only through this transformation, will sales teams see an increase in revenues and a success that is sustainable.


Guenter Fischer lives in Vienna, he enjoys both domestic and foreign travel. He is very interested in current affairs and political developments worldwide.

Guenter Fischer is a keen runner and sport is an important part of his daily routine. Not only because of the obvious health benefits but because it clears his head, freeing his mind to come up with fast solutions, to business challenges.


Further Education and Memberships


  • Business Rhetoric  
  • Systemic Coach
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Selling
  • SPIN Selling 
  • Large Key Account Prozess
  • Selling with Social Style


  • Lions Club Vienna 
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Austria